"Yossef's Buck."

yossefsharpflat.jpg For up to the minute updates on what I am doing, this blog will serve as the perfect platform to freshen up the official website of the other "Our Dear", "Dear leader"; the political arm of Olivier Laude dot com. Think of it as its under-secretary of public relations and imoticons. I shot this yesterday in the Sacramanto river delta, a favorite haunt. This image will further garnish Charlie's* cult of personality; until one day the world will recognize his image as readily as any other dictator worth his salt. Once this image is properly scanned and color corrected to my exact specifications, it will be called "Yossef's Buck", a cultural reference to a now long deceased German artist better know for his obsessive compulsive use of felt and bees wax.

Besides this superficial reference to our afore mentioned German Artist, I am, as I often like to do, referencing other images of mine. The redwood bark palette was used in a previous photograph; the now infamous "Mikkel Sønafenlillepigemedsvovlstikker, from the "Autobahnüberfal, the Danes" series (see below). I have good reasons to do so, so please trust me on this one.....as you might a beloved father.

*our compliant and charismatic model. img_people1-17.jpg