Yeltsin' is a verb.

I think it was saturday morning, on my way to Costco, when Boris Yeltsin popped into my mind. Several years ago, I had previously written of my intentions of putting together a fotonovela called "Boris and the Donkey", loosely based on Yeltstin's life as a tippler and of his tendency to operate heavy industries under the influence. My original intentions had been to pass "Yeltsin'" into the vernacular as a verb; denoting someone's tendency to imbibe alcoholic drinks, habitually or to excess: "Judy had been yeltsin' heavily before she fell off the bridge, and onto the icy banks of the Volga". As I was saying, I briefly, inexplicably, and suddenly, remembered Boris Yeltsin and wondered what had become of him. Not much had been heard from him since 1999 and it seemed surprising that such an habitual yeltster might still miraculously be alive . Lo and behold, when I turned on the morning news, Boris had been pronounced dead to the world. For more on Boris Yeltsin, click here. As for my powers of intuition, further and more indirect proof of my channeling Russian political figures are needed to confirm this yet undiscovered ability.