The Akurians....

Unlike most people, I actually like to read my spam from time to time, at least the stuff that makes it past the filters. Call it a kind of divine random selection, like prehensile tails or nipples on men.Like the rest of you I get my fair share of spam, but sometimes, something so fabulous comes throught, that it would be a shame not to disseminate it to the rest of you who do not bother digging through the internet's feces, like I do.

0118 ""In the Very Beginning, before I created myself out of myself, and before I created anything, I pondered (thought through) everything: knowing the beginning of everything, knowing the where of everything, and knowing the ending of everything; that there should be neither mistake nor falsity in anything that I should do; nor any filth or pollution anywhere in My Perfection. Yea! I considered all things, without exception, before I created anything. 0119 ""And the first of My Creations was to create myself out of myself. 0120 ""In the Very Beginning of All Other Living Things after I created myself out of myself, I created Elisha (EL-ISH-AH, First of Me), a help meet (sufficient) unto me. 0121 ""In the Very Beginning, after I created myself out of myself and after I created Elisha, I created time, that there should be an accounting: a then that was, and a now that is, and a then that shall be; and when I created time, I determined the Very Beginning and the Very Ending, when all I have created shall come before me and present full account. 0122 ""In the Very Beginning of Time, I created many Heavens, and many Realms, and many Planes, and many Places; and I established the order of them, and the nature of them, both Righteous and Evil: that there be Excellence of Knowledge and Wisdom wheresoever creation should be. Then unto all the Heavens and all the Realms and all the Planes and all the Places I created the first of all Living Souls: with free will to become as I am, for I am a God of Life and I want many to be as I am, that I may become greater to provide more life and more abundance for all I have created. 0123 ""In the very beginning of all living souls, I brought forth many great numbers of them instantly and at the same time, that they all be equal and none above the other and none superior to the other in any manner: for I had already established that life would be, and life would be the essence of purity, and purity would be the essence of the soul, and the soul would be the essence of the spirit, and the spirit would be the essence of free will, and free will would be the essence of discipline, and discipline would be the essence of cognizance, and cognizance would be the essence of recognition, and recognition would be the essence of consciousness, and consciousness would be the essence of mind, and mind would be the essence of intelligence, and intelligence would be the essence of all comprehension.

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