Mo's money...!

Since this blog, as of late, has become particularly moribund, I might as well post bill paying work... which isn't that much of an issue.... but since I had promised myself not to post commercial work way back when I began, what some dare call an adventure....I might have..... But at this point my resolve has waned with time and the economy, my soul has wandered off in search of pheromones and my interest in keeping this electronic parchment entertaining and uselessly informational has fallen to an all time low..... which is by no means meant to demean the work below. I actually enjoy working on these projects. I love my crew, my clients and the roof over my head... without further "adooes"... What I really do for a livin'.... it's a charmed life when you can get it...! (That one was for Samsung)... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------