John B Root


tv To close out the year, the "Musee des lettres et Manuscrits"(the museum of letters and manuscripts) is having a exhibition called "parlez-moi d'amour"(speak to me about love), a show about love letters.

An appropriate way to close out and begin the new year. Sorry, it's all in French but here's a link to a BBC story about it (got to love the french pornographer's "non de porn", John B Root, a play on the word "biroute", which loosely translated means "dick"; a biroute is also a wind sock, like those you may have spied at airports). What a perfect name for that ever temporal, directional, inflatable and eminently engorge-able!

Since we frogs have a museum for just about everything, here is what my contribution to french culture will be, when and if I make my millions and move back to France to donate a sizable portion of my nouvelle fortune to this newly formed cultural institution: "The Gift Shop Museum", the museum for and about museum gift shops.

Happy New Yeah........ wherever and whenever your wind blows!