Bikini Wax, Brazilians and Root canals...

Yesterday, while searching You-tube for root canals, I aimlessly, inadvertently and serendipitously wandered; what else could I do. Like a long strand of DNA, YouTube seams to work that way, randomly leading you astray; from bikini wax to Brazilians to root canals. Root canals are not that interesting but I just happen to be very naturally curious and simply wished to compare the actual process as opposed to how I actually lived it, yesterday. One of my molars needed a drilling, and since nature has a way of repaying you for ignoring to furtively look its way, it just happened to be one of those days when fate's suggestive forces dictated I spend a morning getting drilled and up rooted. Contrary to public expectations, root canals are fairly painless. The dental arts have made great progress and can now provide us with the painless convenience of laughing uproariously without looking like the village idiot *.

Anyway, and like everything else, the bikini wax, the brazilian, the boyzilian or Carpecian, what you are about to see, got me to thinking about the state of "Photography Today".

I know this does not seem neatly related but please bare with me, at least for the next minute of your own peregrinated wanderings on our beloved communication superhighway, hear me out before you move on to this delectably Anglo interneted. I got to thinking that, paradoxically, that photography has become so absurdly specific as to increasingly value projects, based solely on how specific and narrow they actually be.

More and more, photographers, and its consuming masses are rewarding those among us who display the ability to document microscopic slices of our universes. In order to garner attention from the fickle masses, we are slowly reducing everything into anecdotally and easily consumed bite size pieces. The human race has become more and more specialized in its pursuits of creativity and is slowly ingesting, but in prodigiously Gargantuan quantities, smaller and smaller pieces. From the cave, to the niche, to the nook, to the crevice, we are more and more rapidly consuming smaller and smaller ideas, and retreating deeper and deeper.... into Plato's cave.

*BTW, if you do not appreciate long winded run on sentences, this probably isn't your place