SMSessing around.

I had never enjoyed texting until I got the iphone. Here is an excerpt  from a recent conversation with a special someone. Yeah, yeah, I know I am supposed to be blogging about photography but I am a multi faceted human being, what can I say, I have other interests ! O(that's me): "Brunch with captain hairy" Z: "Jealous, Have fun"! O:"Look how she writes back when she wants to....!!!!" Z:"It's the weekend" O:"Whatever, I'll give you the weekend. What if I just wanted to chat it up with you, wench?" O:" ...., not so interesting!" Z:"yippeeeee!!! Z:"oh, and I'd chat anytime wit jew...Reading kathy ryan's rag right now." O:"you mean NYtimes?" Z:"yup...." O:"Whata fuck? Where you at?" Z:"gone, u need something?" O:"Some skanky pussy!" Z:"No problemo!" O:"Happy saknkping, get some dickie o! We tally monday." Z:"24"definetely! Thank you muchly..-xo" O:"you all set up with the lap dog. At a special price. address and credit card." Z:"OMG!Ok, headed to my next mtg and will email in a fewhrs, that ok, or do you need info texted for asap?" O:"later iz okay" Z:"Gaciass Olau". O:"Arnut basat kilo !" Z:"Quoi? Limited intelligence, remember?" O:"I know."

The End.