Smells like sex, and snowmobiles....Part Deux.

As previously mentioned I spent the month of August in the country of my birth. It had been at least twenty years since I had spent that much time with my family and as expected it was both wonderful, but equally enervating, in no uncertain way.After all, I have spent he better part of the last thirty years living in the US or traveling the world which for all instance and purposes has turned me into a creature few of my countrymen can understand, let alone tolerate.

Of course France had much to offer, especially when it comes to food, which is always far and away superior to anything I could ever find in this country, lest it be "ethnic" cuisine, therein such choices become clearly superior in the States.

As a matter of course I rarely eat French or Italian food in the US as it pales to what I have grown used while visiting or vacationing. This country does not have the artisans and dedicated professionals which are "de rigueur" in any self respecting french city. I can actually go to a quality fruit stand and ask for today's peaches or to my local butcher and purchase the best damn squabs you've ever tasted, lovelingly cage raised in some god forsaken hole in some long forgotten provinces; far, far, far, from the nearest PETA branch offices.

Anyway, my fellow Americans, tis not why I sat down today. Is just wanted to talk to you about the utter consternation which awaited me as I made my way back to the good ole US of A, right after labor day, to discover, to my continued dismay, that Ms. Palin had just been nominated to replace the honorable Juan McCain; should he be forever dismissed, from his presidential displays.

Unfortunately, since I am still speechless, and can't think of anything else to say, I have carefully chosen an image to stand in and demonstrate wherein my true political allegiances, lay....