Please to take C14H19NO2 twice a day.

piggy1.jpg I just came back from a date on Clement street; San Fran's™ Chinatown's ugly-homely second cousin. In San Fran™, we are blessed with lots of Chinatowns; there are at least a dozen Chinatowns in San Fran™. The famous one is downtown, the one where you can go looking for props like straw sandals, the ones buddhist pilgrims wear on Emei Shan™, or a dozen oddly sized Golden Buddhas™. Those are in my home office now.

San Fran's™ second biggest Chinatown is located in what I sometimes call Clementtown™*. It's not technically a town of any kind but I don't mind. From Arguello, it runs down the length of Clement street and peters on 26th. It's also creeping south, branching out and sideward™ towards Geary boulevard, pushing Russians onward™ . Clementtown™ might have spread on to California Street, just north of Clement street, but there the neighborhood changes abruptly from lychee stands to ritzier stomping grounds. It's a predominately rich white ward, a tougher nut to gentrify.

To fill my pills, I visited with Doctor Z... Them pills help me to concentrate on the " Day to Day™"; like not forgetting to listen to people when they speak to me, or wash my hands after I eat fish bits. We chatted, it was great..... We laughed, we cried™, he watched me dry, he's used to that.... I told him all about my Dearly Departed™, who took too many pills, and promptly keeled over into a pauper's grave; leaving nothing useful behind; at least, none that we could find. Those natty pills make it easier to focus and remember people I love to hate and flood my brain with: Meth-yl-phen-i-date™.

*C-town, see the C eat the T, that's a tasty part of town.