Nevermind Fifty Ks.

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These are my great grand parents on my mother's side. I shot this framed image in my ninety four year old grand mother's bedroom last month, in Milaria, Corsica. I dropped by the village for a couple days to visit her and found this propped up, on her bedroom set. It was nice to see that even at 94, she gazes at their image every night, before she goes to bed and may be dreams of rejoining their warm embrace. I do not see any reason why I should not have 4x6 of my mother when I am her age but it was surprising to see this portrait come out of the woodwork, and remind me, that my grandmother's memories go back so far in time, that they seem down right alien, ancient and distant to this grand child's eyes. Time will render us all the same, and our descendants, our grand kids even, will look up some day and see us, not as we were but dead.

I would not mind owning portraits of my ancestors circa 1334, but I fear that that time has come and gone without momentoes, pics or snap shots. How rude, how thoughtless, how very, how to say, Dark Ages.... Nevermind them, for if all goes well, my descendants will be able to gaze up, five centuries from today, type in a password, hack my DNA and bring my carcass back to life, and give me another shot, at living on this planet; or the next.

Since I would not want to be a burden, I'd be willing to provide enough cash to actually live off the interest, even five hundred years from now. In the meantime, I might get there by investing my last dimes to cryogenetically store my seeds in geostationary orbit , which would, with any luck be launched back to earth at a prescribed time and date and reconstituted, for a small fee, by future scientists. If five centuries seem like a long time, a downright and boringly longtime, don't worry, it shouldn't feel any longer than a good night's sleep. By the time you rejoin your descendants, even at 5% compounded, you might even be rich. Like Social Security, but without the bitterness of government pay day.....

Come to think of it, this might make the makings of a trashy sci-fi; where only those with enough cash would be reconstituted to live and work another ten decades. The rest of us who could not or would not provide well enough for our futures would simply wither away and die alone, in orbiting planetary hospices, shot into intergalactic space, where may be some other race would find us and bring us back to life to work us to death as sex slaves, or digging amonium trenches, four million light years away.

Anyway, the possibilities seem compoundingly and endlessly hopeless...... Or better yet buy some government CDs, have yourself cryogenetically preserved along side Mickey, and there you have it, when your future mother drops you from her vageen, you'll be sitting pretty, richly compounded, on pile of money*. Grown up, eat candy, blow half your savings on Crystal, crack and hot babes, blow your brains out, repeat as needed. If all keep on going well, invest in the future once and you won't have to ever do it again. What's life without death, and death without compound interest.

*$1000.00 at 5% For 500 years= $ 39,323,261,827,218.67