Music for Proteins

Brie Takahashi is obviously a bright and creative doctoral student at UCLA. She has managed to put proteins to music. The resulting sounds remind me of the MIDI files we used to download in the internet's infancy to color and pepper otherwise dull grey and blue websites with a touch of whimsy. I miss those sites, but I am sure they'll make a comeback somehow, since everything it seems comes back around to be re-exploited for some nefariously commercial or sycophantic, fawningly parasitic ego trip. I think they have a name for that now, meta, or something.Anyway, Ms.Takahashi's work is as clever as it is beautiful, and I mean in a beautiful mind sorta way. All she has to do now is compose a protein symphony unless others beat her to that punch and steal her credit. Hopefully, her research team can apply for a grant to work with Fred Frith or Brian Eno and put their algorithm to work on higher end machines. Apparently for now, life's building blocks are played on a Casiotone. You can hear it here. If you like a more hands on approach to creativity, or decide that your life's work might involve a protein sonata, the good people at UCLA will translate your input genetic sequence to a music file and email it to you free of charge. Check it.