"Hao, hao, hao...."

One last nugget for today. I can't really recall how many times I have watched this sort of programming while waiting for an official to show up and tell me to leave the county, as it is still officially closed to "foreign friends", or in some dingy hotel room, in the deepest Sichuanese provincial hole I could find. The narrator's voice is typical of chinese TV or Radio narration. It's essentially the voice of the state and I find it particularly interesting when governments go as far as to seemingly regulate the tone, intonation and pitch of its official broadcasts. This male voice, (there is a rooster and female voice too) narrates any and all programming on TV, wether it be an industrial output documentary, a travel piece about Tibet or how deliriously happy with the communist party, the Miaos in Guangxi happen to be.

This video also reminds me of visiting Mao's mausoleum and watching the looks of utterly fearful stupefaction on the mourners faces, upon catching a glimpse of Mao's mummified body.