A little something called "Dead".

While eating pork larb today with Adrienne, I was once again reminded that some day I won't be around to feast on minced piggy. Someday, I'll be long dead and burned to a crisp, released from the clean and warm embrace of a crematory's furnace; my ashes covering my children's faces (knowing them, they won't remember to piss downwind and I love them for fucking it up already). Poor little piggy is, and will forever haunt my dreams, there to remind me, that this current space-time continnuum will someday, blow my head clean off, and into a thousand little blue-grey, powdery bits.

I find myself more than unusually attracted to the morbid when I hear of a suicide or a particularly depressing and accidental end:

One of my girlfriend's co-worker's hubby committed himself to the deep, on the 25th, and there it is again, staring me in the face. I did not know him, or her for that matter, but my feeble mind, has an exceedingly difficult time, "comprehending" and knowing this day, the 25th, you can wake up and know that: you will end it.

I mean no disrespect or judeo-christian contempt but to take ones life goes against life's tenuous hold on life itself, as to be as incomprehensible as death itself.

Happy, Happy, Halloween.... little minced Piggy.