Enamel photography-“DUG UP!”/ The funerary Arts…1984 continued!

Russell Kaye kindly inquired if I could post the age old recipe for printing photographs on enamel… I am probably right in assuming that he might wish to decorate his future sarcophagus with archival images of rainbows, clown cars, chimps and vaginas, as I already have done with me very own intergalactic ion rocket mausoleum…. shaped not unlike a Corsican Village Banana Cheese Grater™…. and large enough to house my deceased and heretofore multitudinously estranged family dynasty…… but…..I digress…

So, without further ados, you may follow this hyperlink and have a look-see, HERE unt HERETOOFORE … tutaloo mutha fuckaaaaaas….

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