College work-Part dos-1984….




College Work-1984…..

My son Raphael and his brother Gabriel went back to their yankee grandmother’s home in Virginia and found old college work of mine somewhere in the basement……Raphael shoveled snow from a christmas winter storm and gave my ex-brother in law the cash to ship a box full of 25 year old work back to me, which I just received.

Back in 84,’ I was, as I am still, extremely fond of any kind of natural history displays and one of the first thing I do whenever I fly into a new city is seek out their natural history museum…
I remember calling the a biologist or zoologist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City who cordially invited to come down and peruse their collection both back stage and in the Museum’s galleries without as much as checking my credentials (whatever a 19 year old might have had at the time).

At the time I thought that photographing dioramas as well as storage units in the museum’s research facilities was a swell and brilliant idea, not realizing that Hiroshi Sugimoto had beaten me to the punch…..
Intelligence I gathered, a few months later while visiting a camera store (whose name escapes me at the moment) in mid-town Manhattan, by gazing disappointedly at a beautifully printed large print of an ostrich and it’s chicks, hanging over the counter…. A diorama I had also photographed a few months back at the Museum…..

These Polaroids were used as reference shots to guide me in my selection of future large format black and whites…. To be continued…I have to pick someone


Had not seen a good Ad on TV for ” a Very LoNg” time… Ryan McGinley did the 2d ad campaign which like most of his work fell flat and lifeless, despise being the darling of New York’s trended youth….Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of Rod’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to Rod—this is your spiritual act of lorship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what Rod’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will…… but Cary Fukunaga did a renewing job… First Television ad in years which captured my attention….pioneers oh pioneers go forth towards Cary and ignore the Ginley(Mc)….

go HEere for the video fit not on this site to please me eyes…. of course there is always Michel Gondry‘s classique HErE

Appointed duty…

Last Thursday’s shoot. We piled into a couple cars and drove to within reach of Sacramento, CA… and shot two more personal pieces. From left to right: Shawnrey Notto, Gabriel Laude(holding the M4), Yours truly “Dear leader”, and the Ryan Arthurs….! Results will be available this coming Tuesday the 25th of August and will be posted on “Dear Leader” should said works be worthy of any such subsequent entries…. Thanks to all, especially Ryan and Shawnrey. Polaroid by Raphael Laude.

Polaroid by Raphael Laude.

Left to Right: Raphael Laude(holding the M4), Shawnrey Notto, Gabriel laude and the Ryan Arthurs.
Polaroid by Olivier Laude.


Palemiger Spatzen- Have been know to serenade Mexican arms dealers, you can tell from the Jheri curl that they are actually from Jalisco, not Bavaria….I am also pretty sure this was shot on the remains of the Berghof….or at least Hitler’s summer grassing lands…

and some sort of Bavarian surf tunes….

Electronic Fine Art Displays (EFADs).

Running concurrently as guest blogger on “A Photo Editor”.


I have been staring at hi-res scans of my 8×10 work on my Apple 30″ inch LCD display for a number of years now and wondering why the same displays have not yet been made to accommodate large display sizes. Thin museum quality LCDs, LEDs or better yet, OLED displays to display our work in larger sizes, 40 x50, 60×50 and bigger….

Anyone who has had the pleasure of watching a well mastered Blu-ray disc on a good quality 1080P HD screen will come off the experience a better man or woman and wonder why this technology is not being put to good use in the world of photography. I am convinced that there is a large market for high end electronic displays where photographers and other artists can show their work in a way that completely bypasses the “Print”. Personally, I have been very frustrated by the process, one fraught with difficulties, work flow hick ups, expensive and many other such issues which crop up when faced with the task of producing large prints for gallery or museum display.

Often the end product is nice enough, or close enough to my creative intentions, but the greatest frustration is that the last step in the making of images is left to a printer (not to me), and to one who may or may not care about my real intentions. The limitations of their technology, skills, experience, and increasingly scare geographical locations often prevent or limit my creative choices, not to mention the cost of a C-41 printer .

I work very hard to produce an image which pleases me, but I often find myself frustrated by that last step…a final step many photographers struggle with: The exact and brilliant reproduction and display of one’s work. Even-though, the print has served us well for well over a 150 years, I believe it is time to explore and demand that a niche market of high end large flat screen displays be developed for the photography market.

My original idea was to use 16:9 ration LCD TVs but the aspect ratio does not fit the average aspect ratio of many cameras(8×10, 4×5. 6×7 etc…). This led me to believe that there would be a market for high end LCD or OLED flat panel displays for fine art photographers, as well as other artists who might wish to display their work in a format other than regular TV panoramic formats. The ability to buy a high end barebones display, that is one without broadcast tuner or other electronic components needed to display moving images, would open a new medium for display and appreciation of photography as a whole.

From a personal comment on “A Photo Editor”:Here is an example: this is a “screen shot, command, shift, 3 of a file of mine at 66.7% on my 30? display. The original image was shot with an 8×10 field camera on Kodak 160VC, scanned on a high end flat bed scanner. The original full size image is 12706X15821 at 300 dpi…..40×50 image…I used it to print a 40×50 print and I can tell you the print looses life, on my display it’s just astounding…
….go to this URL and click on the image to enlarge it, at least Safari does this, and look at it on you screen, if it is well calibrated and reseanably large, you might get the a general idea of what I would like to go…This all works on my set up and hopefully it will on yours



Many photographers, unlike myself, did not grow up with film and digital cameras and have become very adept at manipulating and producing digital photographs and other works of art. These growing communities do not seek out the traditional print and to date, contents themselves to viewing their work on PC screens and on the internet. A new product catering to their needs, and to mine would be extremely successful and well received by a new, as well as older generation of photographers and visual artists…

The ability to frame this display with conventional frames, as well as sophisticated and functional color, contrast and multiple viewing interface (contrast, luminosity, back lighting, etc..) would render this product a versatile and more easily accepted new format. For example, the photographer might wish to approximate the look and feel of a C-print which could be achieved, as well as many other results.

A photoshop compatible display, one easily calibrated with common and sophisticated ICC profiles would go a long way to express the photographer’s vision, as well as provide him or her with a versatile, cheaper, more user friendly and better adapted product than the traditional C41 print. This display would be a sharper, more detailed version of their digital original.

I am convinced that this generation of photographers, as well as subsequent ones will demand a product better attuned to their digital abilities and aptitudes, not a product which is becoming increasingly scarce, expensive and monolithic. A product found only in major metropolitan areas, but who’s market share is shrinking and becoming more difficult to purchase and review. Most photographers who print for a gallery, home or institutional display do so long distance or through Fed-ex, a process which is rife with expensive reviews, slow and archaic.

There are many types of displays but personally I think the OLEDs are starting to look increasingly like the display to be. Their contrast aspect ratios are extraordinary, as well as their incredible thinness. Samsung’s latest 40″ OLED TV is an astounding piece of technology and produces a brilliantly sharp and amazingly detailed image, one much closer to what I am used to when I stare at my 8×10 commercial drum scans. Another interesting technology which to some degree is still in its infancy are E-readers(electronic paper). These albeit small displays have a very interesting way to mimic the book page and a visually tactile texture which I personally would like to see incorporated into larger color or black and white electronic display technology….

To conclude, here are other potential uses for Electronic Fine Art display (EFADs, just made that up):

1-Ability to wirelessly control the content of the display. For, an artist or photographer might upload and change a show over a period of time by adding or removing work over a network.
2-The same principle could apply to a collector who might wish to “subscribe” to an artist’s work and receive a photography subscription. New images would be uploaded based on a specific delivery contract with galleries, musems and collectors.
3-Work would be sold and downloaded in any number of electronic formats and uploaded into the display. Some high end TVs allow the user to transfer their family photos to their screen for viewing but a more high end and flexible system would be easily devised to allow the artist or photographer to fine tune the image on a screen or allow for laptop and PC connectivity.
4-Imagine a show of 40x50s or 50x60s and larger EFADs in a darkened room, gallery or museum setting. Personally I cannot imagine a more impactful way to display my personal work.
5-Re-usable.Price wise these displays might cost more up front than a typical print but large, archival quality frames are extremely costly; making a EFAD competitive and attractive.
6-Matt and glossy screens…and even touch screen technology.
7-…..I am purposely leaving this list short and open sourced as I think it would be best if my fellow photographers and artists could add their own ideas and suggestions. An open source submission will make for far more ideas and suggestions, as well as other concepts than I could possibly come up with. Some of you might well be far more technologically inclined than I am and that knowledge might lead this idea to further developments, as well as serve as a way to push this concept on manufacturers and make this dream a possibility somewhere down the line. Have at it…the discourse will create its own weather and further refine this burgeoning concept.

The Train…

I acquired this Indian classic on assignment for Time a few years back. I was recovering from a long flight in New Delhi before heading to Kabul and watching cable TV when this came on. I was instantly captivated but never imagined that I’d have the time or the very good luck to find this on DVD or any other format, as I presumed it, difficult to acquire.

The next day I jauntily found my way to Time’s offices in Delhi and casually mentioned this to the bureau chief. As we chit-chatted about my upcoming trip, un?be?knownst to me a video wallah had been dispatched and within a half hour of mentioning that I loved watching “The Train” last night in my hotel suite, I was holding it in my dirty little bourgeois hands….

Here is the first half…and if you are good, I’ll play CD wallah and git you the other half…

Click on the link below, 1 hour and 8 minutes…of 60’s Bollybliss…
The Train


MOAFUC(Mother of All Funk Chord). Kutiman, an Israli musician stiched hundred of video clips form YouTube to put together and entire album all his own. Not unlike having the world’s best musician at your finger tip without ever having to deal with their personalities or traveling to thousands of locations(even if it sounds like the later might not be a bad idea). Brilliant idea and flawless excecussion. Sampling taken to whole new level….From here you can see the whole album unfurl….

All grown up…

Hi, my name is Tammy Jones and I am an exotic dancer and a calendar girl for a national chain of tire wholesalers….” which reminds me, I am long overdue for some kind of personal work featuring a part time actress, shotguns, watermelons and piggy banks….

Leone….Numero deux.

While the weather holds here in San Francisco, hovering in the low 70s, that’s right bitches…I am taking this opportunity to do some reshoots as well as some newer work. This one is a retry of Leone, I won’t tell you which one I like better, so knock yo-self out on my behalf, please.

Any while I have your attention, anyone out there knows an excellent high end scan house, someone or somewhere who can pull of scanning 8X10 C41 well, consistently and relatively cheaply? Much obliged…



A little video from my friend Jim Thornton, AKA Jing, whom I have worked with in the past when I was a photo-journalist…we worked together on two Geographic stories, only one of which got published…losers…..and I mean that in a good way.
Anyway, I love Jim and think is not only a brilliant writer but a great human being and the best damn writer you’d ever want on a story….. riding shotgun.
Believe me, some can be trying…wherein recurring thoughts of dismembered bodies, found in half filled Florida ditches, have been known to occur and reoccur……

Jim breaks out in suspicious lesions that precipitate new waves of health worry of the non-hypochondriacal variety.
If any of my friends with doctorly expertise could check out my cavalcade of symptoms and possibly phone in a Rx for oxycontin for me, I would truly appreciate it. If you have samples of oxycontin so I wouldn’t actually have to pay for it, I would trulier appreciate it.