Appointed duty…

Last Thursday’s shoot. We piled into a couple cars and drove to within reach of Sacramento, CA… and shot two more personal pieces. From left to right: Shawnrey Notto, Gabriel Laude(holding the M4), Yours truly “Dear leader”, and the Ryan Arthurs….! Results will be available this coming Tuesday the 25th of August and will be posted on “Dear Leader” should said works be worthy of any such subsequent entries…. Thanks to all, especially Ryan and Shawnrey. Polaroid by Raphael Laude.

Polaroid by Raphael Laude.

Left to Right: Raphael Laude(holding the M4), Shawnrey Notto, Gabriel laude and the Ryan Arthurs.
Polaroid by Olivier Laude.


Palemiger Spatzen- Have been know to serenade Mexican arms dealers, you can tell from the Jheri curl that they are actually from Jalisco, not Bavaria….I am also pretty sure this was shot on the remains of the Berghof….or at least Hitler’s summer grassing lands…

and some sort of Bavarian surf tunes….