Leone….Numero deux.

While the weather holds here in San Francisco, hovering in the low 70s, that’s right bitches…I am taking this opportunity to do some reshoots as well as some newer work. This one is a retry of Leone, I won’t tell you which one I like better, so knock yo-self out on my behalf, please.

Any while I have your attention, anyone out there knows an excellent high end scan house, someone or somewhere who can pull of scanning 8X10 C41 well, consistently and relatively cheaply? Much obliged…



A little video from my friend Jim Thornton, AKA Jing, whom I have worked with in the past when I was a photo-journalist…we worked together on two Geographic stories, only one of which got published…losers…..and I mean that in a good way.
Anyway, I love Jim and think is not only a brilliant writer but a great human being and the best damn writer you’d ever want on a story….. riding shotgun.
Believe me, some can be trying…wherein recurring thoughts of dismembered bodies, found in half filled Florida ditches, have been known to occur and reoccur……

Jim breaks out in suspicious lesions that precipitate new waves of health worry of the non-hypochondriacal variety.
If any of my friends with doctorly expertise could check out my cavalcade of symptoms and possibly phone in a Rx for oxycontin for me, I would truly appreciate it. If you have samples of oxycontin so I wouldn’t actually have to pay for it, I would trulier appreciate it.