Healed by steel?

Why the long silence? Well it appears that on the morning of May 28th I was rudely awaken by a Kaiser administrator, who promptly inquired as to wether I would not mind getting sliced and diced a few hours earlier. The first patient of the day seemed to have chickened out of his or her procedure at the last moment.
It now appeared that for a few hours the OR would be empty of patients and would need someone to fill its cavernous and sterile walls; someone, desperate enough to submit their temple to a few hours of controlled butchery.

I agreed, and the rest of that day was spent languishing in an induced coma. When I woke up five hours after watching an IV enter my right hand, I knew that a new, 13 inch scar would forever embellish my posterior, as previously discussed on this blog, and that the next few weeks would be less than amusing. Indeed it was, and so much so that any thought of keeping up this blog, vanished; proportional to the large amount of idle time given to me by this surgical handicap.

Regardless, I am, and continue to assume, that I am moving towards a full recovery, and look forward to returning to work at the beginning of September. Consequently, I’ll be back to blogging at such time, unless I am too busy with real work or have lost interest in keeping up ‘Dear leader”, which is always a possibility.

July 6th.

Back from the depth, but not for long…… I shall recap the last two months in a post shortly but not right now. My personal trials and tribulations pale in comparison to standing by the Indian Embassy a week or so ago and being blown to smithereens by a religious zealot desperately looking to get laid.

My friend and Afghanistan fixer(who shall remain nameless) sent me these images in desperation, along with this caption: ” The bomb went off while the suicide bomber trying to enter the embassy with his car in the Indian embassy right after the ambassador’s car entered the embassy at around 08:30 am this morning. There are about 44 people killed, including women and children. Among the victims, there are many civilians who were waiting to get their visas“.

Since the mainstream media tends not to publish but the tamest of images, here a re a few of the “not edited for content”. As for myself, I have stood at these very gates of the Indian embassy, waiting for a visa, more than a few times… Sobering.