Is the Dear Leader Healthy?

Wonderful gala last night in my honor. I danced and danced, great pleasure….aaaaahhh……!

…… a million Casiotones for the People, great pleasure….aaaaahhh……!

Later, after party, took Wangjaesan Dancers, for a spin, ha, ha, no pun… The generals watched “Dear Leader” perform “Honored Bukkake”…. Great pleasure…….aaaaahhh……!

the people, they whistle while they worked…..great pleasure….aaaaahhhh……!

and then we really confused the fuck out of the Chinese. The generals and I had them sing “Frère Jacques” and think it is revolutionary song…..ha, ha…great pleasure….aaaaahhhh……!

and of course, the best part about all this is that, after all is said and done, our very own brand of variety and propaganda pabulum differs little from our North Korean brethren’s; rendering our own opprobrium as entertaining to the educated North Korean…… as the doppelgänger boomerangs…..

In the immortal words of Lily Tomlin(via Laura Penny, whose work I shall discuss shortly) “No matter how cynical you become, it is never enough to keep up”

Les Wanyika…..Ochieng Kabasselle

I have been a huge fan of African music since I was 5 or 6 years old. My father had brought 78 RPM LPs from Madagascar and I remember listening to them and being completely transfixed. From then on I kept on searching for African music without much luck. Not until the late 70s and early 80s that anything resembling contemporary African music became available; at least where I shopped in Paris.

Being that it was the FNAC, we had always assumed this was the best music store, and it was, but besides the odd African drum or scratchy thumb piano field recordings, African popular music was nowhere to be found.
Slowly but surely African emigrants in Paris and London brought their LPs along with their instruments and these sounds and the music started to become more and more available.

Over the last 30 years I have amassed a gianormous collection of continent wide African music. I have always wanted to bring this up on the blog but did not want to just post songs on-line.

Anyway, Raphael is learning to play guitar and he has been spending a lot of time online watching the myriad tutorials and guitar virtuosos on YouTube. On a whim I typed in “Les Wanyika” to see what might transpire. They are one of my favorite african bands of all time, and lo and behold…..

African music resonates with me like no other music and fills me with absolute joy….. A bottomless thanks to all those African musicians who have provided me with such happiness in the last 37 years…. I foresee that searching for my favorite tunes on YouTube might become an enormous and unavoidable time suck….

and Wuora Ogolla Adoyo, for now….


At the bottom of a returned email. Adrienne woke up in Taipei and sent me an email telling me she was awake. Somehow, overnight, the signature morphed into a mantra…..


I have to admit that texting or emailing, in real time to my girl(in Asia) is a real pleasure.

“Driving to taichung, sleepy. This guy had a radar detector that blares something in mandarin every 5 mins. You might like it actually. 🙂 I should try and get u this detector. Its called THE SNOOPER. Practice yo mandarin.”

She knows what I like…..can’t wait for my SNOOPER.

I wanna be an Exit Poll.

A little image searching today, instead of doing what I am supposed to…. Keyed in different “Jesus”(G-Zeuses). A nice smorgasbord to store away, for future inspiration.

German Jesus:


West Texas Jesus:

Dear Permian Basin,

If my people will pray, and stop their wicked ways, I’ll forgive their sins and heal their land. Love God. (Nice scientific use of Geological term in the prayer there, preacher…. Dem Christians are crazy bitches…).

Golfing Jesus: Hey, just key wording.

women-golfers-and-coach.jpgIndian Jesus:


and last but not least a little a black Jesus: Oh Lordie, lord, I shutter to think, where honkey would be, without thee….